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De Vette Mossel Weddings

A Beach Wedding just a dream?

No need – seal your love on a pristine beach along the beautiful Garden Route, or on a lagoon on the Whale Coast, or on a seaside beach in the middle of South Africa.

Sun in your face, wind in your hair, sand beneath your bare feet – and the love of your life besides you. A Beach Wedding to remember forever.

We believe that De Vette Mossel Seafood Beach Restaurants, with our exceptional locations, outstanding seafood, unique beach character, are probably the most extraordinary Beach Wedding Venues in South Africa.

Here love, romance, fun and dreams come together to form a beautiful reality. Kick-off your shoes, indulge in a seafood feast, relax on our own beach for your own Beach Wedding. 

The charm of a Beach Wedding lies in simplicity, honesty, but where you can let your creativity run wild. Be assured that your Beach Wedding at any De Vette Mossel will be truly unique – a million miles from the normal ‘Run of the Mill’ and ‘boring’ usual. This is not ‘Just another wedding’. 

Be prepared that your guests will be amazed, thoroughly enjoy themselves and remember your Big Day as well as you. With superb wedding photo opportunities, even your grandchildren will one day be able to relive your Beach Wedding. 

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The cost?

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, but with our unbeatable prices, your will in all probability be able to afford a stunning honeymoon at an exotic destination anywhere on the globe. 

Talk to us to make your wedding day truly unforgettable – you are worth it!

There are four De Vette Mossel Beach Seafood restaurants in South Africa, each with its own beach and maritime/fishing look and feel. De Vette Mossel @ Grootbrak (Mossel Bay), De Vette Mossel @ Harties (Hartbeespoort Dam), De Vette Mossel @ Parys and De Vette Mossel @ Hermanus. Or follow us on social media on the links below!

De Vette Mossel Groot brak

De Vette Mossel Harties

De Vette Mossel Hermanus

De Vette Mossel Parys

We Strive to


Offer an unforgettable and traditional, true West Coast experience to all people in a “lekker”, relaxing and sociable atmosphere.


Serve a unique experience, honest seafood in abundance, quality & true value for money.


Make a positive difference in the lives of our staff and in the communities in which we serve.


Excellence and passion in all we do.

People and food are our passion, guest satisfaction our pride and profit a bonus!
We do it 100% – because you are worth it!

By The Sea


Along The Dam


The Town Of Food


Lekke By Die See